Welcome Dr.David come to our company

Dr.David Carr and Mr.Kevin

Dr.David Carr ,who has various experience in the research of modified plastics,  came to our company  to give us technical guidance yesterday.


They were working on the production lines.

There are totally 8 production lines in RYNON  NEW MATERIAL company .

Finished and pakaged products

These products are going abroad in few days.

“Here needs applause!”

Cantilever beam impact testing machine

This machine is used to test the impact toughness of non-metals like plastic、nylon.

cupping machine

It is used to test its tensile strength,resist compression,  bending strength and other data for research.

 injection molding machine

This is the injection molding machine,use which we mold the test bar,so that we can get the result whether the product is up to standard.

Glow wire test machine

This device is intended to be a fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products, household appliances and materials, burning simulation element or overload of heat or ignition source such resistance to thermal stress caused by a short time.

Melt flow rate tester

This machine is used to measure a variety of polymer melt flow rate at the time of the viscous flow state.

Electric thermostatic drying oven

It is used to test and determine the parameters and properties of electrical, electronics or other products and materials  in the environment after the high temperature test.

Vacuum drying chamber

Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed ,substances that ease of oxidation.It can make the working chamber to maintain a certain degree of vacuum  and it can also be able to  fill the chamber with inert gases.Even some of the ingredients which are complicated items can be rapid dried.

Biochemical incubator

It is the machine that used in low temperature constant temperature testing、culture testing、environmental testing.

Box resistance furnace

This kind of box resistance furnace is used by labs, industry, and scientific for research element analysis, as well as for heating of small size iron works quenching, annealing and tempering; other applications include iron heating and ceramic sintering, dissolving, and analyzing.



These are the desk of QC inspectors.Qualified products are approved here,while unqualified ones are stopped here.Thangks to them we can satisfy our clients and also win the reputation for our company–RYNON NEW MATERIAL CO.LTD


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